About Us

Sushant Public School is one of the very few school in the Bihar that is seriously concerned about the future generation of India, Sushant Public School is spreading its arms into the people level as well, understanding the necessity of quality education right at the root level.

At Sushant Public  School, we believe every child is different and is gifted with a special talent. We are here to identify the talent, encourage it and sculpt the child’s future accordingly, giving them complete support to grow enormously to great heights. Sushant Public School is passionate about imparting education that innovative, refreshing, analytical and success-oriented too.

Every teacher at Sharada International School is passionate about teaching and taking proper care every student. Teacher’s take special care of weak student and help them in their progress. At Sushant Public School, we provide a all-round development of a child by taking care of each and every need and giving them what they need for their betterment.

At Sushant Public School, we pay special attention on sports as it is very necessary for physical & mental development of a child. The school campus is spread over 4 acres of land with a huge playground.

Sushant Public school is situated in Nunfara, Muzafffarpur. It is well connected to the city.

Our Vision

The Vision of our school is that the child should become on enlightened and responsible citizen and an agent of change for transforming the world into a better place to live in. We aspires to be the pioneer in imparting ethical education, with set of skills that will be imbibed in the students to make them the leaders, entrepreneurs and managers of tomorrow.

Our mission is to develop young men with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act on their beliefs. We stress the total development of each child; spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical. For that we have been moving with the times and keeping the skills streamlined with the modern innovations and latest developments in the field of pedagogy and methodology so that our students will be most suited to lead the country in future for they are mentally alert, physically fit, psychologically healthy, emotionally mature and spiritually sound. We focus on making them multi-taskers, creative, innovative and eco-friendly.